Potentiation of Cisplatin Activity in Colorectal Cancer Cells by Lovastatin

Sameer E. Alharthi

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New Methionine-based P-toluenesulphonamoyl Carboxamide Derivatives as Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Agents: Design, Synthesis and Molecular Docking

Melford Chuka Egbujor, Uchechukwu Chris Okoro

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Investigating the Work Environment Conditions and Its Effect on the Moral Sensitivity of Nurses Working in Health-Education Centers of Rasht

Samaneh Usef Shoeibi, Fariba Asgari Bezayeh, Mitra Sedghi Sabet, Atefeh Ghanbari Khanghah, Ehsan Kazemnezhad Leyli

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Survey of Subjective Skills of Physical Examination of Children by Nurses and Related Factors in Children's Therapeutic Education Center in Rasht, Iran

Seyedeh Soghra Mirhoseini, Yasaman Yaghoubi, Mahshid Mirzaei, Ehsan Kazamnajad Lili

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Protecting Effect of Vitamin E against Chromosomal Damage Induced by an Extremely Low-frequency Electromagnetic Field in Murine Bone Marrow Erythrocytes

Elahe Vadaye Kheiry, Farhang Haddad

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