Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationship and Molecular Docking Studies of Imidazolopyrimidine Amides as Potent Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 (DPP4) Inhibitors

Leila Emami, Razieh Sabet, Amirhossein Sakhteman, Mehdi Khoshnevis Zade

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Effects of Thioxanthene Containing Anti-Psychotic and Anti-Platelet Drug Combination on Mean Platelet Volume and Platelet Distribution Width in Rats

Muhammad Irfan Bashir, Uzma Saleem, Fareeha Anwer, Bashir Ahmad

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Enhancement of Doxorubicin Cytotoxicity by Verapamil in Human Breast Cancer Cells

Sameer E. Al-harthy, Mashael S. Al-Motairi, Huda M. Al-Kreathy, Fatemah O. Kamel, Mohamed M. Sayed-Ahmed, Etimad Abbas Huwait, Hamdan S. Al-Malkey, Abdel-Moneim M. Osman

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Efficacy of the Peganum Harmala Oil Versus 1% Permethrin Shampoo on the Treatment of Head Louse Infestation

Mina Maarefvand, Hoorieh Mohammadi Kenari, Ali Ghobadi, Alireza Soleimani, Fataneh Hashem-Dabaghian Hashem-Dabaghian

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An Overview of Different Synthetic Routes for the Synthesis of Phthalazine Derivatives

Smita Singh, Nitin Kumar

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