The Relationship between Nursing Burnout and Job Performance in Eradah Complex: A Cross-Sectional Study

Mahdi Hussain Al Ghubari *

Eradah and Mental Health Complex, Saudi Arabia.

Mazen Ali Al Faqeeh

Eradah and Mental Health Complex, Saudi Arabia.

Khalf Falah Alsulami

Eradah and Mental Health Complex, Saudi Arabia.

Fahad Falah Alsulami

Eradah and Mental Health Complex, Saudi Arabia.

Awad Falah Alsulami

Eradah and Mental Health Complex, Saudi Arabia.

Rashed Shakeer Alzahrani

Al-Azizia Hospital, Saudi Arabia.

Ali Thabet Alawi

Crisis and Disaster Management, Saudi Arabia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Aims: This study aims to examine the relationship between job burnout and practical performance among nursing staff in the Eradah Complex in Jeddah Region.

Study Design:  A cross-sectional study design.

Place and Duration of Study: Registered nurses for this research were randomly selected, and the data were collected for one year, starting from August 2022 till July 2023.

Methodology: Data in this study were collected through the administration of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) as a standard inventory tool which was used to measure job burnout. as well as self-report questionnaire was used to measure practical performance. Questionnaires developed through MBI scale and self report survey forms were distributed among the participants to collect the data. Data reliability and statistical analyses using appropriate tests were done using the SPSS version 25.0 program.

Results: This study involved 219 registered nurses as participants from different age groups with a mean age of 37.23±11.23 years old and a predominantly male gender (72%); in this study,  these study results showed that there was a significant difference between factors affecting nurses' job performance and feeling stressed and their monthly income (P-value 0.027), while there was no significant difference between age, gender, marital status, education level, job title, and experience years and actors affecting nurses' job performance and feeling stressed.

Conclusion: The existing evidence indicates that occupational fatigue might detrimentally affect practical performance. Job burnout can have a detrimental effect on practical performance as it can result in a decline in motivation and focus. A further manner in which job burnout can influence practical performance is through the manifestation of emotional tiredness. Nurses who are encountering job burnout may experience emotional exhaustion and a sense of being overwhelmed. This phenomenon has the potential to result in insufficiencies in personnel, hence exacerbating job burnout and diminishing practical performance.

Keywords: Burnout, exhausing, nurses job performance, Saudi Arabia

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Ghubari , M. H. A., Faqeeh , M. A. A., Alsulami, K. F., Alsulami , F. F., Alsulami, A. F., Alzahrani, R. S. and Alawi , A. T. (2023) “The Relationship between Nursing Burnout and Job Performance in Eradah Complex: A Cross-Sectional Study”, Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 35(30), pp. 1–13. doi: 10.9734/jpri/2023/v35i307456.


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