The Formation of Mucociliary Insufficiency in the Bronches on the Role of Respiratory Viral Infection

Dilorom Kamarovna Ishankulova *

Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Pediatrics, Samarkand State Medical Institute, Samarkand, Republic of Uzbekistan.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Background: The spectral composition and frequency of viral infections have been studied in frequently and long-term patients with respiratory diseases (PRI), as well as their role in the formation of mucociliary insufficiency. The role of immunosuppressive conditions and mixed infection is emphasized for the occurrence of complications.

Methods: Examined 29 patients with prolonged acute bronchitis (APB); 36 patients with recurrent bronchitis (RB) and 48 patients with chronic bronchitis (CB). The patients underwent general clinical studies according to a single plan adopted in the therapeutic department, as well as virological and immunological studies.

Results: The study of the spectral composition of viral infections in often long-term patients with bronchopulmonary pathology shows a high incidence of active (f = 0.93) and associated viral infections (f = 0.79), which largely determines the nature of the inflammatory process. The pathogenic role of certain viruses, such as influenza A, RS virus, adeno- and coronavirus (f = 0.84; 0.78; 0.77; 0.64), and their associations during the inflammatory process is undoubted. The frequency of respiratory syncytial viral (RS-viral) infection, which is characterized by damage to the deepest parts of the respiratory tract, is high (f = 0.78).

Conclusion: Comparative clinical and virological characteristics of patients made it possible to reveal the undoubted value of persistent in ABZ and RB (f = 0.55; 0.40), as well as chronic in RB (f = 0.15) viral infection, being one of the important causes of recurrent and protracted course of OB, as well as in the formation of altered bronchial reactivity (IRB) in them. A clinical case of a patient with influenza pneumonia is presented.

Keywords: Acute protracted bronchitis, recurrent bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, altered bronchial reactivity, viral infections, mucociliary insufficiency

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Ishankulova, D. K. (2022) “The Formation of Mucociliary Insufficiency in the Bronches on the Role of Respiratory Viral Infection”, Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 34(34A), pp. 1–7. doi: 10.9734/jpri/2022/v34i34A36139.


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