Critical Factors for Metformin Osmotic Controlled Release Pump

García-Flores Mirna, Melgoza-Contreras Luz María, Hernández-Baltazar Efrén

Page: 1-12
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An Efficient and Inexpensive PEI-mediated Transfection for Transient Overexpression of CYP2C9 in WRL 68 Normal Liver Cells

Nurliana Abd Mutalib, Akmal Arif Daud, Hasseri Halim, Normala Abd Latip

Page: 13-21
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Elucidating Anti-Acne Properties of a Novel Herbal Moisturizer

Abdul Hafeez, Shmmon Ahmad, Anmar Al- Taie

Page: 22-27
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Specifics of Treatment of Hyperuricemia with Febuxostat and Its Effects on Concentrations of Total, LDL and HDL Cholesterol, Compared to the Conventional Treatment with Allopurinol

Nermina Ziga Smajic, Selma Skrbo, Naida Omerovic, Kemal Duric, Mirza Dedic, Anela Hadzifejzovic Trnka, Belma Pehlivanovic, Dina Lagumdzija, Fahir Becic

Page: 44-54
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Box-Behnken Design Approach for Optimization of a Liquid Chromatographic Method for the Determination of Anti Leukemic Drugs in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Formulations

R. Suresh, M. Swamivelmanickam, S. Sivakrishnan

Page: 67-77
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Tetrapleura tetraptera of Ghanaian Origin: Phytochemistry, Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Extracts of Plant Parts

Christopher Larbie, Felix Charles Mills- Robertson, Emmanuel Bright Quaicoe, Rita Opoku, Naomi Chounbayor Kabiri, Rachel Owusu Abrokwah

Page: 78-96
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Impact of Socioeconomic Inequalities on Child Malnutrition

Zamir Ahmed Qambrani, Asif Nadeem Jamali, Habibullah Siyal, Sarah Azhar, Hafiz Syed Imran-ul haque, Ambreen Qamar

Page: 114-119
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Japanese Encephalitis Knowledge among University Students

Muhammad Shahid Iqbal, Salah-Ud-Din Khan, Muhammad Zahid Iqbal

Page: 120-128
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Mechanisms of Diabetic Neuropathies and Antioxidant Therapy

Mujahid A. Alsulaimani, Rania M. Magadmi, Ahmed Esmat

Page: 28-43
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Selective Glucocorticoid Receptor Modulator: A Novel Class of Anti-inflammatory Compounds

Mujahid A. Alsulaimani, Mahmoud Alsulaimani

Page: 55-66
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The Association of Vitamin D with Brain Cognitive Functions: A Literature Review

Yahya A. Alzahrani, Mohammed A. Alomary, Abdulmajeed A. Alzahrani, Mawaddah M. Eskandarani, Iman S. Aljabry, Yahya M. Alzahrani

Page: 97-113
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