Causes and Management of Tooth Discoloration: A Review

Ashwag Siddik Noorsaeed *

Restorative Dentist, Saudi Arabia.

Saba Abdulelah M Lanqa

Vision College, Saudi Arabia.

Rahaf Abdulrhman Alshehri

Vision College, Saudi Arabia.

Sara Abdulelah M Linga

General Dentist, Taif Specialized Dental Center. Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia.

Reem Ahmed J. Alzahrani

Vision College, Saudi Arabia.

Yusuf Khalaf M. Al Ghamdi

Vision College, Saudi Arabia.

Aljawharah Aidh Alghamdi

Vision College, Saudi Arabia.

Shaima Fahad Alamri

Vision College, Saudi Arabia.

Rzan Abbas T Zaatari

General Dentist, Alarak Almutamyzah Medical Company, Saudi Arabia.

Amjad Alhassan Fathi

King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Abdulrahman Al bi habib

General Dentist, Saudi Arabia.

Azza Anas Abu Dawood

KAMC, Obhur PHC, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Maram Bakr Ibrahim

Ministry of Health/ AGH, Saudi Arabia.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Tooth discoloration is a common dental occurrence that is linked to both clinical and aesthetic issues. The treatment of tooth discoloration has grown into highly complex, scientific, and therapeutic field by the twenty-first century. Dental surgeons must understand the etiology of tooth staining in order to provide an accurate diagnosis and thus management. Extrinsic causes produce tooth darkening, whereas intrinsic congenital or systemic influences cause tooth discoloration. Tooth bleaching is a safe and effective way to lighten the color of the teeth. Today, the physician has a number of options, including at-home tray-based bleaching treatments with low hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide concentrations. Surgical options include dental restorations which is may be indicated for some cases. This review aims to summarize current evidence regarding causes, classification and management of tooth discoloration. Medline and PubMed public database searches were carried out for papers written all over the world on tooth discoloration. No predictive analytics technology was used.

Keywords: Tooth, teeth, discoloration, bleaching, smoking, aging

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Noorsaeed, A. S., Lanqa, S. A. M., Alshehri, R. A., Linga, S. A. M., Alzahrani, R. A. J., Ghamdi, Y. K. M. A., Alghamdi, A. A., Alamri, S. F., Zaatari, R. A. T., Fathi, A. A., Al bi habib, M. A., Dawood, A. A. A. and Ibrahim, M. B. (2021) “Causes and Management of Tooth Discoloration: A Review”, Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 33(60B), pp. 969–976. doi: 10.9734/jpri/2021/v33i60B34701.


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