The Awareness and Perception of Health Care Specialists about Precision Medicine

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Nehad J. Ahmed
Abdulrahman S. Alrawili
Faisal Z. Alkhawaja
Mohammad Javed Ansari


Aim: There are a small number of studies about the populations' knowledge and perceptions on precision medicine in Saudi Arabia till now. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the awareness and knowledge of health care specialists about precision medicine in Saudi Arabia.

Methodology: This study was a cross sectional study that included an online survey targeting health care specialists. The survey was converted to an online survey using google forms.

Results: More than half of the participants have heard about the different terms of precision medicine. Most of the health care specialists in the present study said that they have an insufficient knowledge about precision medicine (68.00%). Additionally, most of them said that they are interested to learn more about precision medicine and showed a positive attitude about it.

Conclusion: The present study found that health care specialists had a insufficient knowledge about precision medicine but they are interested to learn more about this field. Therefore, more training and awareness programs about precision medicine are needed to ease its introduction in Saudi Arabia.

Awareness, healthcare specialists, knowledge, precision medicine

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Ahmed, N. J., Alrawili, A. S., Alkhawaja, F. Z., & Ansari, M. J. (2021). The Awareness and Perception of Health Care Specialists about Precision Medicine. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 32(41), 8-14.
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