Feto-Maternal Outcome of Pregnancy Complicated with Preeclampsia

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Qaiser Javed Iqbal
Ayesha Javed
Zafar Ali Marri
Nadia Sabeen


Pre-eclampsia is the disorder of extensive vascular endothelial malfunctioning and vasospasm. Both pregnant females and her fetus can develop different complications in the presence of preeclampsia. So we conducted this descriptive cross-sectional study to find the frequency of fetal and maternal outcomes in females having pre-eclampsia. After meeting the inclusion criteria 200 females were enrolled. Patients were followed from 32 weeks of gestation till the end of pregnancy. Inclusion and exclusion criteria were strictly followed. The outcome variable was recorded as per operational definitions. All patients were efficiently managed as per standard protocols. All the data was entered and then analyzed in SPSS v. 22. In this study the mean age of the patients was 28.93 ± 6.75 years, the mean BMI of the females was 27.46 ± 1.48 kg/m2. Partial HELLP syndrome noted in 51 (25.5%) females, maternal mortality occurred in 17 (8.5%) females, while eclampsia, prematurity, perinatal mortality and low birth weight were noted in 26 (13%), 106 (53%), 35 (17.5%) and 78 (39%) females respectively. This study concluded that the most common fetomaternal outcome was prematurity, low birth weight babies, partial HELLP syndrome, perinatal mortality, eclampsia and maternal mortality in patients with pre-eclampsia.

Fetomaternal outcome, pre-eclampsia, pregnancy.

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Iqbal, Q. J., Javed, A., Marri, Z. A., & Sabeen, N. (2020). Feto-Maternal Outcome of Pregnancy Complicated with Preeclampsia. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 32(22), 44-48. https://doi.org/10.9734/jpri/2020/v32i2230770
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