Studies on Some Cytokines, CD4, Hepcidin, Iron, and Some Haematological Parameters of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients Co-infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus on Chemotherapy for 60 Days in Southeast, Nigeria

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Obeagu, Emmanuel Ifeanyi
Obeagu, Getrude Uzoma
Esimai, Bessie Nonyelum
Amaeze, Augustine Amaeze
Amaeze, Florence Ngozi
Ekelozie, Ifeoma Stella
Odochi, Ogbu Chukwu


A study to evaluate the levels of interferon-gamma, interleukins 6 and 10, hepcidin, iron status and some haematological parameters in persons living with human immunodeficiency virus was carried out. A total of 2000 subjects aged 18-60 years were enlisted for this study. The subjects were grouped into: Group A (100 PTB-HIV subjects on baseline) and Group B (100 PTB-HIV subjects on treatment for 60 days). About 7ml of venous blood were collected from each subject; 4.5 ml of blood were placed into plain tubes for assay of interferon gamma, interleukins (6 &10), hepcidin and iron and 2.5 ml for FBC, CD4 count and HIV screening. The cytokines and hepcidin were measured using Melsin ELISA Kits and Teco Diagnostics kits used for iron. Full blood count was determined by automation using Mindray BC-5300, China. The data was analysed with the statistical package for social science (SPSS) version 20 using ANOVA and the level of significance set at P<0.05. The results showed significant difference in IFN-γ (P=0.000), IL-6 (P=0.000) IL-10 (P=0.000), hepcidin (P=0.000), Iron (P=0.004), TIBC (P=0.000), WBC (P=0.029), Neutrophils (P=0.011), Lymphocyes (P=0.000), Monocytes (P=0.000), Basophil (P=0.013), RBC (P=0.000), Haemoglobin (P=0.000), PCV (P=0.000), MCV (P=0.029), MCH (P=0.000), MCHC (P=0.000), Platelets (P=0.000), ESR (P=0.000) and no significant difference in CD4 (P=0.966), %TSA  (P=0.998) and Eos (P=0.052) when compared among PTB-HIV on baseline and 60 days on treatment respectively. The study shows that interferon gamma, interleukin 6, interleukin 10 and hepcidin are adjuncts to some of the biomarkers in the pathogenesis of pulmonary TB and HIV infection. The cytokines and hepcidin can be used as prognostic and diagnostic markers as their levels decreased with i60 days of treatment of the patients.The haemtological parameters like haemoglobin, RBC and PCV increased significantly within 60 days of treatment showing improvement in health status of the patients.

Interferon-gamma, interleukin 6, interleukin 10, CD4, hepcidin, iron and some haematological parameters of pulmonary tuberculosis patients coinfected with human immunodeficiency virus, chemotherapy on 60.

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Ifeanyi, O. E., Uzoma, O. G., Nonyelum, E. B., Amaeze, A. A., Ngozi, A. F., Stella, E. I., & Chukwu, O. O. (2020). Studies on Some Cytokines, CD4, Hepcidin, Iron, and Some Haematological Parameters of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients Co-infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus on Chemotherapy for 60 Days in Southeast, Nigeria. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 32(22), 11-22.
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