Analytical Pattern in Dermatoglyphics

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S. R. Sruthy
Jayakar Thomas


Aim: The aim was to study the analytical pattern in dermatoglyphics.

Materials and Methods: The study was conducted in Skin Opd, Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. A total of 100 participants with different hand dermatitis pattern were included in the study. All patients were subjected to: 1. Complete history, 2. Dermatological examination, 3. Finger print pattern of all the patients, 4. Informed consent.

Results: This hospital-based study involved 100 patients with Psoriasis (47) Eczema (23) Dermatophytosis (12), Syphilis (3), Drug reaction (5) Palmar keratoderma. (10), the most common being psoriasis and eczema. In psoriasis patients, whorl pattern was the commonest (48.29%), followed by 31.43% loop, 21.43% arch and 2.86% composite pattern. In eczema patients, loop and whorl pattern was found in (44.74%) followed by 34.23% loop, 22.43% arch and 1.86% composite pattern.

Conclusion: The palmar pattern intensities were increased in both sexes, while the digital pattern intensities were increased in males and decreased in females. TFRC was increased in males and decreased in female patients. In both cases and controls, TFRC was more in males than females. A-b count showed a significant reduction in both sexes.

Dermatoglyphics, palmar pattern, loop and whorl.

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Sruthy, S. R., & Thomas, J. (2020). Analytical Pattern in Dermatoglyphics. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 32(13), 1-13.
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