Comparision of CT Colonoscopy and Conventional Colonoscopy in Evaluation of Colorectal Malignancies

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Beno Jefferson
I. Venkatraman
M. Prabakaran


CT colonoscopy is one of the recent advances in the field of Computed tomography with various post processing techniques. The aim of work is to evaluate and compare the role of CT colonoscopy and conventional colonoscopy in diagnosing and characterizing the colorectal malignancies.

Subject and Methods: Our study included 50 patients with lower GI sypmtoms; 6 of them had colorectal malignancies. They ranged in age from 28 to 60 years. All patients were subjected to CT colonoscopy examination and results were compared to conventional colonoscopy and documented by histopathology in all cases.

Results: The results in our study showed that CT colonoscopy has equal sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing colorectal malignancies when compared to conventional colonoscopy and further helps in delineating the locoregional extent of the lesion.

Colonoscopy, diagnosis, colorectal malignancy.

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Jefferson, B., Venkatraman, I., & Prabakaran, M. (2020). Comparision of CT Colonoscopy and Conventional Colonoscopy in Evaluation of Colorectal Malignancies. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 32(12), 92-98.
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