Date Palm Pollen Grains as a Potential Manager for Male Sub-fertility: A Clinical Trial

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Husamuldeen S. M. Saeed
Bashier Osman
Tarig Muhammed H. El-Hadiyah
Mona S. Mohamed
Wadah J. A. Osman
Iman H. Abdoon
Ramzi A. Mothana


Medicinal plants are identified and used throughout human history; it has a great economic value especially in drugs discovery. Date palm pollen (DPP) is used traditionally in Sudan for treating sub-fertile male patients. Male infertility is heterogeneous group of disorders, most of them are idiopathic. This study is aimed to investigate the role of pharmaceutical preparation of DPP in amelioration of male sub fertility with detection of any possible adverse effects on the major body system functions, through blood picture, liver enzymes and kidney function. This study is a single group pretest-posttest experimental prospective comparative self-control. Sub-fertile men with Idiopathic oligoasthenozoospermia or azoospermia were received 500 mg capsules of  DPP  twice daily for three months after conducting their safety profiles to detect any toxic effects on hematological, hepatological and nephrological functions, Blood samples were taken from the patients for serum level of FSH (for azoospermic patients), FSH and Testosterone (for oligoasthenozoospermic patients). Finally, Semen sample have been obtained for computerized assisted semen analysis (CASA) report I and II. DPP administration induced significant increase (p≤0.001) in testosterone level (in oligoasthenozoospermic patients) and FSH level (in azoospermic patients). DPP induced significant changes (p≤0.001) towards improvement in the total and progressive sperm motility percentages measured in oligoasthenozoospermic patients by CASA dynamic analysis report I and II.  The toxicological studies for DPP approved their safety use in human.

DPP, subfertile male, oligoasthenozoospermic, azoospermic patients

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Saeed, H. S. M., Osman, B., El-Hadiyah, T. M. H., Mohamed, M. S., Osman, W. J. A., Abdoon, I. H., & Mothana, R. A. (2020). Date Palm Pollen Grains as a Potential Manager for Male Sub-fertility: A Clinical Trial. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 32(6), 83-95.
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