Ginkgo Biloba as a New Medication for Resisting Dementia: A New Proposal

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Jyh-Woei Lin


Ginkgo biloba has been used in traditional medicine, by which memory in the brain could be improved. In this study, a dementia patient has taken Ginkgo biloba during the time period of a year as a case study. He has taken a pill with 665 mg for a year from 08 November 2018 to 08 November 2019 (Taiwan Standard Time, TST). Later, the brain waves were largely different. However, he could only know his family name, the long term memory (LTM) could showed only a small recovery. The treatment outcome has been limited. Focusing on synapses in the brain can be a good way of interpreting the results. For future research, some new medications containing Ginkgo biloba can be devised for keeping a normal converting long-term potentiation (LTP) for healthy persons and for resisting dementia. The new proposal contributes to this study. Ginkgo biloba should be necessary as a pharmaceutical ingredient.

Ginkgo biloba, dementia, back propagation errors, Long Term Memory (LTM), synapse, Long-Term Potentiation (LTP).

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Lin, J.-W. (2019). Ginkgo Biloba as a New Medication for Resisting Dementia: A New Proposal. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 31(6), 1-3.
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