Development and Evaluation of Papaya Peel Powder and Paste Incorporated Chapathis

C. S. Pavithra, S. Suchiritha Devi, W. Jessie Suneetha, Ch. V. Durga Rani

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Isolation and Characterization of Cola acuminata Gum as a Potential Pharmaceutical Excipient

E. A. Bamigbola, M. A. Momoh, O. Ikebudu

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Formulation and Evaluation of Multi-particulate Drug Delivery System for Metformin Hydrochloride by Spray Drying Method

Abhay Shirode, Vilasrao Kadam

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Controlled Release Binary and Ternary HPMC-HPC-GelucireĀ® 50/13 Hybrids Based Solid Dispersions of Indomethacin: In vitro Evaluation and In vivo Anti-inflammatory Studies

J. N. Reginald-Opara, K. C. Ofokansi, F. C. Kenechukwu, C. G. Nwaigwe, A. M. Nnogo

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Advances in the Use of Nanoparticles as Anti-Cystic Echinococcosis Agents: A Review Article

Bushra Hussain Shnawa

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