Anthropometric Parameters in Asthmatic Children and the Relationship of Childhood Asthma with Height, Weight and Body Mass Index

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Nasrin Bazargan
Shokouh Hamidifar
Ali Khalouei
Gholamreza Sedighi


Background: Asthma as a chronic disease may affect the growth process. The aim of this study was to investigate the anthropometric indices in 2-18 years old children with asthma and compare them with the control group.

Patients and Methods: In a case-control study, 150 asthmatic children with age of 2-18 years as case group and 300 age- and sex-matched healthy children as control group were randomly included. The height, weight, and body mass index (BMI) of both group measured by the standard method and Z score was calculated. Data were analyzed using SPSS, chi-square and analysis of variance.

Results: Totally, 290 boys (64.4%) and 160 girls (35.6%) with mean age of 6.58±2.82 years were evaluated. Case group had significantly lower height compared to the healthy control group (117.00±0.17 cm vs. 121.00±0.15 cm respectively, P=0.025). No significant differences were detected in weight (23.13±9.75 kg vs. 24.62±10.36 kg, P=0.145) and BMI (16.32±3.10 kg/m2 vs. 16.28±3.16 kg/m2, P=0.900) between case and control groups, respectively. There were no significant relationships between normal and abnormal Z scores of height, weight and BMI in case and control group (P>0.05).

Conclusion: Despite 4 cm difference between the age of two groups, no differences in height, weight ad BMI between two groups may be due to good control of the disease in the case group or lack of significant growth related effect of asthma.

Children, asthma, anthropometric index, a corticosteroid

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Bazargan, N., Hamidifar, S., Khalouei, A., & Sedighi, G. (2019). Anthropometric Parameters in Asthmatic Children and the Relationship of Childhood Asthma with Height, Weight and Body Mass Index. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International, 27(5), 1-8.
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